Swampside Danes

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Poague Happy Hopper @ Swampside

 AKA Grasshopper

Born October 15,15 

She is a fawn merle.

She carries for fawn, blue, masking and merle.



Poague Happy Hopper @ Swampside


Name:Poague Happy Hopper @ Swampside
AKC #:WS517999/05Breed/Variety:Great Dane
Birth Date:10/15/2015Sex:Female
Colors/Markings:Fawn Merle Markings
Breeder(s):Tami Poague


Poague Happy Hopper @ Swampside
Fawn Merle Markings
Raisin' Danes Raise Your Glass
WS461195/01 10-15
Brindle White Markings
Seargents Medal Of Tigger Tastic Fun
WS417951/02 05-14
Brindle White Markings
AKC DNA #V737227
Thor My Lord Of E Springs
WS379361/10 12-12
White Piebald
Sanders' Scooby Doo II
WS246141/01 07-10
Fawn Black Mask
AKC DNA #V655480
Tonray's Jd No. 5
WS091763/03 03-07
Fawn Black Mask
Goodnoe's Kierrah Grace
WS106399/03 03-07
Fawn Black Mask
Cadence My Dream Come True
WS253062/04 04-11
Ike Holley
WS180216/06 06-08
Blue Black Markings
Mia Maria Holley
WS131266/03 06-08
Black White Markings
Maggie Mae This Is It
WS380377/10 12-12
White Brindle Markings
Maximas Chopper Gillogly
WS243012/08 04-10
Brindle Black Mask
AKC DNA #V608134
Alledane's Gallant Master Rhett
WS074591/04 02-06
Fawn Black Mask
AKC DNA #V494107
Alledane's I Do Declare
WS129432/02 07-07
Brindle Black Mask
Luna Moon Giilogly
WS316517/04 02-11
Coonpkr's Lil' Duke-T-Doo
WS191198/03 01-10
AKC DNA #V592772
Et's Bindy Moon
WS231017/02 03-09
A League Of Her Own
WS406662/16 05-14
Harlequin Black Markings
Parker Kohle Hosmer
WS319993/07 04-12
Abbott's Harley King
WS277757/01 01-10
AKC DNA #V652079
Julie's King Grant
WS167348/01 10-07
AKC DNA #V520727
Callie's Katie May
WS117259/07 10-07
Ww Cline's Gretel Hazen
WS218119/04 01-09
Fawn Black Mask
Sarum Country Mckenzie
WS079743/06 08-07
Fawn Black Mask
Cabine Nevada's Serene Winds
WS105853/06 08-07
Fawn Black Mask
Put Me In Coach, I'M Ready To Play!
WS355186/02 08-12
Black White Markings
Aneroks Dark Sky
WS125580/01 10-06
CH Ramacs 'N Excess V Hauer
WR052149/03 10-04
OFA36G AKC DNA #V310424
Anerok's Strutt Your Stuff
WS026830/01 10-04
Chatelaine's Neely Muni
WS176083/09 03-08
Chatelaine's Lord Of The Valkyrie
WS062117/05 04-05
Ms. Chatelaine's Roxymoron
WS014610/04 05-04
Poaguies House Of Danes Nelle Jace
WS409982/01 03-15
Sub Zero Eclipse
WS322312/01 03-12
Fawn Black Mask
Zeus Gates
WS264047/02 03-10
Fawn Black Mask
Mcalister's Sir Tobious(Bubba)
WS194421/03 09-08
Brindle Black Mask
AKC DNA #V592753
Brewington's Saber Playboy
WR010850/01 03-02
AKC DNA #V204084
Fisto Triple "B" Teasing Tazz
WS055779/04 02-07
Fawn Black Mask
Mcalisters Ms Savanaha
WS196064/10 09-08
Fawn Black Mask
Six T's Flintlock Gunny's Lilboy
WS079727/11 08-05
Fawn Black Mask
AKC DNA #V442634
Six T's Sweet Dixie Belle
WS072999/08 07-06
Fawn Black Mask
Miss Lily Isabel Gates
WS273640/01 03-10
Fawn Black Mask
Bull Dozer Hurt
WS054114/06 05-06
Fawn Black Mask
Sir Maxwell The Great Hunter
WR018700/02 12-03
Black White Markings
Fefe's Golden Womb
WP853621/11 12-03
Sadie Isabel Driscoll
WS214886/08 12-08
Fawn Black Mask
Bailey Cooper
WS131989/05 05-07
Brindle Black Markings
Madiline Abigail Cooper
WS135230/07 05-07
Fawn Black Mask
Jaded Rain
WS360017/07 03-12
Fawn Black Mask
Rosco P Humble
WS173547/07 06-08
Fawn Black Mask
Amstel Kane Wall
WS107721/01 08-06
Black & White White Markings
Aspen IX
WR032442/01 05-03
Katy Waddell
WS028010/02 05-04
Fawn Black Mask
Lauras Little Maggie Mae
WS098154/05 08-06
Fawn White Markings
Woodleaf Hill Big Boy Titan
WR050042/01 05-04
Fawn Black Mask
Hitachie's Little Princess
WR025829/08 05-04
Unlimited Miss Harley
WS072418/03 06-08
Brandon Duke Gregory
WP641471/04 03-98
Black & White
Jake Latigo Bogan
WP411000/04 10-95
Madison Scarlet Fever
WP522022/11 10-95
Unlimited Cozmo
WP924803/04 06-02
Black & White
Hartsells Black Jag
WP854410/03 09-99
AKC DNA #V273495
Dillon's Beastmasters Von Nemesis
WP800085/01 04-99